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World's Leading Technology, a Crypto Wallet Born for Metaverse Applications and Values
IN META through the integration of technology and innovation, jointly create an IM ecosystem, IM Wallet will be the key, to achieve unlimited expansion of the functional application of the metaverse, opening the door towards the metaverse.


IM WALLET World's leading technology, a crypto wallet born for metaverse applications and values!
The world's first NFC interactive payment system
NFC, Near Field Communication, jointly developed by Sony and PHILIPS in 2003, is the first technology in human history that can make sensorless payments without connecting to the network just by touching.
In the past 20 years, the application field of NFC technology is more mature, more secure and more convenient, which perfectly solves the risks that crypto wallets are prone to in the payment process. IM Wallet's NFC interactive payment system allows Token to be easily circulated and used in people's lives, and NFC will also become a bridge between virtual and real symbiosis technology links in the metaverse.
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Blockchain Technology (BlockChain)
In the future, Metaverse will be composed of multiple universes, and between different universes there must be one or more Tokens to carry the circulation and transformation of value;
IM Wallet has built-in cross-chain bridge technology, which supports multiple public chains to run at the same time, and ensures that under the premise of value conservation, the flow of Tokens between different metaversities is realized At the same time, the IN META team is trying to create a safe, efficient and scalable fifth-generation bottom layer public through the self-developed heterogeneous multi-chain symbiosis technology.
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NFT Digital Image Generator (Non-Fungible Token)
In Metaverse, everyone will participate in a unique digital image, IM Wallet as one of the main entrances to metaverse in the future, built-in NFT digital image generation tool
, users can quickly generate digital avatars NFT exclusive by uploading pictures and participation in various activities in metaverse through digital avatars.
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Virtual Reality
VR interactive device is the most direct entrance to participate in Metaverse, whether it is game, social or shopping malls, can allow users to have an immersive sense of experience,
with the iterative upgrading of interactive technology, IN META breakthrough VR 3.0 technology implanted into IM Wallet It allows users to enter the metaverse anytime, anywhere through VR devices.
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Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology opens the door to the IoT era, with faster transmission rates (upper limit of 2Mbps) and longer transmission distances (theoretical 300 M)
while having low power consumption , as well as larger packet capacity, effectively solve the limitations of VR interactive devices for hardware and use scenarios.
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Internet of Things
IM Multi-Function Smart Media (Smart Home Remote Control) is in META on the basis of Metaverse virtual-real symbiosis, on IM Wallet A multi-functional control system in the design
and development allows users to connect to the smart devices around them through IM Wallet and perform safe operations during the process of roaming Metaverse.
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